Needles, propane tanks and paint. How do you dispose of them?

We deal with the usual types of waste throughout our lives. Food scraps, an old piece of clothing, a shampoo bottle. But every so often we run into an item that just doesn't fit. A little voice in our head (or wise advice from a friend) tells us that this item needs to be handled in a different way. These are some of the items that you always wondered how to dispose of. Needles Home injection needles are easiest to dispose of. As long as the needle is safely stored inside a puncture-resistant container it can be thrown into the...

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Are you recycling your waste correctly? Find out quickly!

Bylaws in the City of Calgary require the waste to be separately collected and stored as garbage, mixed recycling, and organic materials. Do you know how to separate your waste into different categories?  Here is a list of all the things that fall under the Organic materials category: Meat and bonesFruits and vegetables (including the peels)Eggshells, milk, and dairy productsBread and baked goodsPlate scrapingsCoffee and tea grounds (including the filters)  Things that DO NOT belong to the Organic materials category: Packaging materialGlassPressurized containersPlastic StrappingPlastic bags Things that belong to the Recyclables category Pop bagsPlastic filmShrink-wrapPaper (shredded paper, newspapers, etc...)Dairy and...

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