We recycle HDPE crates – trays, inventory boxes or crates and bread trays

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Green Planet Recycling can help you recycle your HDPE (High-Density polyethylene) crates, milk crates, inventory boxes, bread trays and other types of plastic crates, trays and boxes. We accept both new and used HDPE crates, milk crates, inventory boxes or bread trays. HDPE crates and trays are reusable and recyclable, so they can be used again and again. They come in a variety of sizes, so whether you need one to hold your produce or several for shipping purposes, our products will do the job with ease. HDPE is extremely strong, heat resistant and inexpensive. It's commonly used to make...

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Shrink wrap recycling in Calgary

Shrink wrap is a huge part of our lives. But at the end of their useful life, it shouldn't just be tossed into the trash bin. You've heard of recycling aluminium cans, paper products and plastic bottles. But did you know can also recycle shrink wrap and other types of plastic film to help reduce waste in Calgary. Wrap film, as it is also called, is one of the best forms of plastics that can be recycled. They do, however, require their own machinery. Left with the other garbage, this stretchy material will clog, and sometimes break down machinery that...

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Industrial plastics recycling in Calgary

Industrial plastics are a huge waste problem, but they can be recycled responsibly. We offer industrial plastic recycling for Calgary and the surrounding area, so you can get rid of your waste and help the environment at the same time! CALL NOW for a FREE QUOTE Overview of industrial plastics Industrial plastics are polymer-based materials that are used to create bottles, bags, pipes and numerous other items. You could say our world is built with different types of industrial plastic. They're made up of various types of polymers, which is why they can be recycled into a wide range of...

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Needles, propane tanks and paint. How do you dispose of them?

We deal with the usual types of waste throughout our lives. Food scraps, an old piece of clothing, a shampoo bottle. But every so often we run into an item that just doesn't fit. A little voice in our head (or wise advice from a friend) tells us that this item needs to be handled in a different way. These are some of the items that you always wondered how to dispose of. Green Planet Recycling offers a wide variety of solutions for various types of waste, including pressurised tanks and old paint.  CONTACT US for a FREE QUOTE Needles...

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Are you recycling your waste correctly? Find out quickly!

  Bylaws in the City of Calgary require the waste to be separately collected and stored as garbage, mixed recycling, and organic materials. Green Planet Recycling offers a wide variety of SERVICES for waste disposal and recycling.  CONTACT US for a FREE QUOTE Do you know how to separate your waste into different categories?  Here is a list of all the things that fall under the Organic materials category: Meat and bones Fruits and vegetables (including the peels) Eggshells, milk, and dairy products Bread and baked goods Plate scrapings Coffee and tea grounds (including the filters)  Things that DO NOT...

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