Just taking the trash away is not enough. Here at Green Planet Recycling Ltd, we know how detrimental the smells can be to your customers, your staff and ultimately your business. 

This is why we clean your garbage bin for free.

Why should you care?

If they are not properly sanitized, all the residuals collect in your bin, bringing a never-ending swarm of flies, bugs and wildlife. 

And that is just the beginning.

Diseases caused by improperly handled waste include – but are not limited to:

  • Malaria
  • Cholera
  • Dysentery
  • Typhoid

You might think that these diseases only happen abroad, in other countries. 

If only.

Malaria has been diagnosed in 106 Calgarians in 2016 alone. 

A dozen people were diagnosed with typhoid in 2015 and then again in 2016. 

And we haven’t even told you about fungal infections, or all the bacteria that comes with vermin.

No amount of branding can save you from a bad first impression caused by mismanaged waste and dirty garbage bins.

A shiny new commercial will not help with a mouse infestation.

A dirty bin is not just unsanitary.

It is bad business. 

It leaves you open to lawsuits, from your staff and from your customers. 

It can get you sick. Or worse.

That is why Green Planet Recycling Ltd sanitizes your bin – every time. 

Our waste management team will come to your site and we will take the garbage bin away and replace it with a clean one. 

The dirty bin will be emptied and then cleaned by our sanitation team. We will make sure your bin is clean, sanitised and disinfected before we bring it back. 

That way you know you don’t have to worry about smells and diseases. 

We do that for you.

This is why Green Planet Organics will clean your bin – for free – every time. 

Words are cheap.

Our dedication to sanitary waste management is not. 

It is free.