Paper shredding for Calgary area

Paper shredding and proper disposal is a must for any recycling program. Green Planet Recycling offers services of shredding and recycling your paper, fibres and cardboard in Calgary, Okotoks, Airdrie, and other surrounding communities.


With our highly skilled and trained staff, we can shred and recycle various types of paper. We also offer the service of shredding and recycling fibre. We at Green Planet Recycling also offer the service of shredding and recycling cardboard. We have a team working at their disposal to ensure that your unwanted items are disposed responsibly within the environment.shredded cardboard

We know how important it is to be environmentally friendly and that’s why we offer services of shredding and recycling various types of paper, fibre, cardboard and other materials. We also provide pickup service for residential or commercial businesses.


China is the world’s largest consumer of paper and paperboard by far, consuming 124.8 million metric tons worth in 2020. This was roughly the combined quantity of paper and paperboard consumed in the United States, Japan, Germany, and India, and accounted for 31 percent of global paper and paperboard consumption that year. (source