Wood Recycling in Calgary

Green Planet Recycling offers the service of wood recycling and disposal in Calgary and the surrounding area.


Wood is first cleaned and shredded

Wood recycling is a process where wood residue from the initial manufacturing process is used in the manufacture of other wood products, such as particleboard and oriented strand board (OSB). The first step in this process is to clean, chip and dry the waste material. This can be done using a wood chipper to reduce it to small chips. The chips are then collected and transported to board mills where they are used by manufacturers who make chipboard, fibreboard or OSB.

Clean wood is wood without paint or glue

Clean wood is wood without paint or glue. Clean wood is also known as “whitewood,” and it’s a great alternative to traditional lumber when building your next project. Whitewood can be used for everything from household furniture to construction material!a pile of wood, wood recycling

Composite wood is wood that is in laminate or painted

Composite wood is wood that is in laminate or painted. Composite wood is usually made from a combination of recycled and new material and can be made from many different types of raw materials, such as plastics, paper and sawdust.

Composite floors are generally more affordable than solid hardwood flooring because they do not require the same amount of workmanship or expensive finishes. They are also easier to install than solid hardwood flooring because they don’t need to be sanded and finished like solid hardwood floors often do before installation.

Old wood has low moisture, which offers higher durability

Old wood has low moisture, which offers higher durability. The properties of old wood are very different from those of new lumber. The lower moisture content means that it takes longer for the wood to be affected by moisture changes in the air, making it more durable and less likely to warp or crack as a result of humidity changes.

Wood will produce chipboard and fireboard

Recycled wood can be sent to board mills for the manufacture of chipboard, middle-density fibreboard (MDF) or OSB (Oriented Strand Board). Chipboard and fibreboard products are used in construction and furniture making.

Chipboard products are made from recycled wood that has been processed into a pulp or slurry. The slurry is then forced through a screen under pressure to form sheets which are dried before being cut into the desired shapes.

Fibreboard products are also made from recycled paper and/or cardboard, but they use glue instead of heat and pressure as an adhesive. The sheets of fibres are subsequently pressed together with heat and steam until they bond to form plywood panels. They may also be moulded into other forms such as ceiling tiles or acoustic insulation boards

You might be running on recycled wood

Landscaping products or animal and poultry bedding is another example of use for the chipped recycled wood materials. Some of the waste wood may also be made into wood chips for forest trails, running tracks or other ground cover products. Wood chips are a good source of carbon for the soil and can be used as a mulch for plants in flower beds, around trees and shrubs. Wood chips are also used as a soil amendment to help improve the quality of your garden soil by adding organic matter to it. When added to garden soils they help with drainage, water retention and aeration which will improve drainage conditions in your garden

Wood fibre is easily digested by earthworms leaving behind high quality humus that improves soil structure over time by improving its ability to hold on to moisture while retaining air spaces between particles which help break down organic matter faster into nutrients available for plant growth


The wood recycling is not only helpful for our environment but also creates a lot of new jobs. It is important to know how much waste we are creating and try to reduce it by recycling as much as possible. Recycling can also help us save money because it costs less than buying new materials every time we need something.