Glass recycling in Calgary

Green Planet Recycling offers the service of glass recycling in Calgary and the surrounding area. We are a family-run business that is committed to providing the best service in glass recycling. We offer a variety of services for your convenience, including: Residential and commercial glass recycling


Please separate your glass into a clean bin so that we can recycle it efficiently. We accept a range of glass items including mirrors, windows and shower doors. You can also bring us any broken glass that you have lying around your home or office.

What is glass?

Glass is a non-combustible, non-metallic material made from sand and soda ash.

It can be recycled infinitely.

Glass is very strong and has a long history of use in construction, packaging and food service applications.

Glass is one of the most recyclable materials.

Glass is one of the most recycled materials. Glass is made from sand, soda ash and limestone.

Glass can be recycled infinitely.

Recycling glass saves energy because it can be melted down into new products without having to go through any chemical changes or processes first like some other materials do before they’re reused again (for example metal). When you recycle glass – you’re not just helping yourself out economically by saving money on buying new bottles – but also helping save our planet too!

Recycled glass uses less energy to manufacture than new glass.

It takes less energy to make recycled glass than it does new glass, so recycling saves on greenhouse gas emissions and cuts down on CO2 production. It also means that you’re getting a product that eliminates waste from your home or business – which is great for the environment!

How is glass recycled?

When glass is recycled, it goes through a process that involves crushing the glass into small pieces that are then sorted by colour. The sorted pieces are melted in a furnace and formed into new products, such as insulation for homes or bottles for wine or beer.

Glass can be recycled infinitely and it really makes a difference to recycle.

Recycling glass is a great way to do your bit for the environment. It can be reused over and over again, meaning that it’s infinitely recyclable!

The recycled glass goes through a process where it’s melted down and turned into new bottles, tiles, windows, containers and other products. This means that we can all enjoy the convenience of drinking from a glass bottle or eating out of a plate made from recycled glass in our homes or workplaces every day.

Recycled bottles are used to make new bottles and jars for food, drink and cosmetics.


Here at Green Planet Recycling we’re dedicated to making sure that your glass is recycled. By using the services of firms like us you will be helping to reduce the amount of landfill in Alberta and make sure that this precious resource is used again and again in a way that reduces its environmental impact. So why not give us a call today?