Shrink wrap recycling in Calgary

Shrink wrap is a huge part of our lives. But at the end of their useful life, it shouldn’t just be tossed into the trash bin. You’ve heard of recycling aluminium cans, paper products and plastic bottles. But did you know can also recycle shrink wrap and other types of plastic film to help reduce waste in Calgary. Wrap film, as it is also called, is one of the best forms of plastics that can be recycled. They do, however, require their own machinery. Left with the other garbage, this stretchy material will clog, and sometimes break down machinery that is trying to reclaim the refuse.

Just one more reason to recycle shrink wrap in Calgary!

Shrink wrap is composed of linear low density polyethylene, and is used in packaging. It is so vital that Franklin Associates discovered that using different materials would significantly increase energy costs and add to the air quality pollution. Saran wrap, as it is commonly known in its household form, is here to stay.

This is why we offer service of shrink wrap recycling in Calgary. plastic bags


Saved from the landfill

When you recycle shrink wrap in Calgary, it’s not sent to the landfill. Instead, the materials are used for new products and applications. Recycled shrink wrap can be used as fire retardant material, in building insulation and even as high-quality packaging for electronics or medical equipment. In fact, using any other material would increase energy costs significantly, up to 80%.

During the recycling process it is turned into plastic pallets, which can then be used to create new plastic products. This is saving the environment and keeping the costs down – stretch film can add up to half of the garbage bill, if companies are not careful.

Shrink wrap is recyclable

Shrink wrap consists of a layer of polyethylene and/or LDPE (linear low-density polyethylene), which is a synthetic polymer made from raw materials to make plastic bottles, shopping bags and other items. Polyethylene is considered to be the most versatile plastic because it can be used in many applications such as packaging and food service containers. In addition, you may find shrink wrap listed as LLDPE (low-density linear ethylene) or HDPE (high density).

Clean and dry used plastic bags, saran wrap, and shrink wrap before taking them to a depot.

It is important that you remove food residue, dirt, and debris before recycling your plastic shrink wrap. Thoroughly clean the wrap by hand or in a washing machine. Dry it completely before bringing it to a depot for recycling.

If you have a large amount of plastic wrap to recycle then consider dropping off your bags at a depot rather than taking them there one at a time.

Drop off locations in Calgary

Here is a list of recycling depots in Calgary.